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Ari's #30DaysofThreads

Hey In Tech She Trust gang (not a violent gang...we're a nice, friendly, tech army) I have time for a new blog. :-)

Lets jump into it!

I do have quite of few "favorite folks in tech" on #blacktechtwitter and #techtwitter overall but Ari ( is top tier! I even tell folks that utilize my site to subscribe to her email list (subscribe to Ari's email list here) for motivation, think pieces and finding ways that work to increase productivity!

But one of my personal favorite things Ari has done is her #30DaysofThreads.

Check out her 30 Days of Threads to learn tips, tricks and reasonings for things applicable to your tech career, business and life itself! My favorite thread from this series would be from her 2nd day; Day #2:Recs for Stacking Certs + Specializations in Project Management. This thread hit home because it shared my views and opinions on certifications and gaining new skills. Most folks are used to being a "one trick pony" and end up focusing heavily on being a specialist in one area to the point they don't even make learning new things and gaining a new skill a priority. Your goal should always be to evolve as a multi-faceted and versatile techie...ESPECIALLY if you are going into IT Service Management and Project Management roles because you are expected to know something about everything. How else would you be able to implement new polices, procedures and products or make recommendations to improve existing conditions or even worst plan and oversee a project without being skilled in other areas?!?!?!

I think that's enough talking for me today.

I have to prepare for 3 Oracle exams next week and learn Javascript. Pray for me.

Bye for now! <3

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