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In Case You Were Wondering What I'm Up To...

I haven't blogged in a while because work has gotten a little busy and after I went on my Oracle Cloud Infrastructure chase (I was able to knock out 3 OCI certs, the rest are scheduled for June, July and August) I had to take a break. I was on information overload after accomplishing 5 certifications since COVID.

I've since started to revisit my career goals by setting a target salary I wish to accomplish before the year ends as well as a new role I'm inspired to pursue : ServiceNow Developer. I really love love love and I want to stick with it and continue to grow as a ServiceNow SME. The platform's versatility and functionalities are so appealing that I've now formed a romance with it lol.

So anyway, I'm doing what I tell you guys to do : research your ideal job, cozy up to the salary advertised (this is motivation, humans need it) look over the skillset required and WORK TOWARDS IT!

With that being said, I am up to an hour of JavaScript a day. But because this is a romance, I am taking my time learning Javascript slowlyyyy. It is not a race. I am giving myself time to make sense of the language. I am utilizing Codecademy, Youtube (specifically the Free Code Camp course...its really insanely good) and Udacity's JS course. All have been good so far but honestly, Codecademy is my least fave. I'm using Free Code Camp's referral for the environment that I actually use to study, Scrimba...10/10, highly recommend.

If you're studying ServiceNow CSA or are already certified I would suggest learning JS at some point. I'm not trying to give you guys the information overload I spoke of before but you just want to be the best there is. You want to make the most money. You want to be able to comfortably vacation at least every other month when this COVID crap ends.

So umm, that's been it for me. Comment what you guys are working on below!

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