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It's not's the world...

Hey everyone! Long time no talk...I hope you guys are doing the best you can during these times.

There are 1,000,000 things I want to do...and blogging consistently is one of them. I always have an idea for a blog and I simply get too busy in work then after work I don't want to talk about tech because I'm normally all "tech'd out" *inserts crying emoji*.

This post is to keep you guys motivated and on track. Many people have reached out to me and inspired this post.

You guys grabbed up a cert(s) and had your resume reworked...see myself and others talking about work and've researched, watched videos and made note of al the things you think would be useful (repository of resources).

You've posted that reworked resume on Indeed, LinkedIn, Dice etc. which now highlights any labs you've done, existing skills you were able to utilize in a technical environment and nowwwww recruiters are hitting you up. Exciting right?!? You knock out that interview and you can tell you did well because the recruiter has warmed up to you, discussed salary and even sent over the company's documentation on the benefits they offer. *whew, you must got the job right?!?!*

Recruiter tells you they'll be forwarding your resume to the hiring manager (this is the bad guy FYI, explanation coming) and you should be hearing back by next week for another interview...all of this is extremely promising. Recruiter gave you a few tips, told you what to modify on your resume, etc. etc. etc.

It is now Wednesday of the next haven't heard anything back from the recruiter. You politely reach back out to the recruiter to let them know you're still interested because you've been mentally spending that $90,000 salary they've promised you. Recruiter responds, "you're the perfect candidate with the skillset we are looking for but (I hate buts, at this point I want to hang up the phone but that's not professional) the hiring manager postponed the opening until next year...again you're great, so I'll keep your resume in case any other opportunities come up."

I told you the hiring manager is the bad guy. Hiring managers are the villain of every job search because you want the job...the recruiters want to recruit. IT. IS. THE. HIRING. MANAGERRRRR.

It has happened to me and others in tech...very often. It is very difficult to source people who are skilled and certified so you will get several emails per day but at the moment the "new normal" is slowing the hiring process. Many tech jobs require a clearance due to the things you can potentially access, a process that often involves coming "on-site" and as we know, most offices, organizations and agencies are remote. So now, many jobs want individuals who are already cleared because this saves them money to sponsor a clearance and solves the problems that arise from virtual workforces. Because of technology it is 100% possible to onboard an employee and train them virtually but some organizations are dragging their feet with that.

There are just many issues out of all of our hands that are creating the least appealing situations.

But I want to end this by telling you guys to stay motivated and to continue perfecting your craft. If you're newly certified, redo the course. Take the job description of your dream job and research and study every bullet so that you'll be ready for interviewing when the time comes. Use this time to become the best version of you so you can maximize that salary. Now that $90k salary they promised you 2 months ago is now blown away by an offer for $110k because you were proactive and you took action instead of being discouraged.

Trust God's timing. He is creating something just for you.

Lock in and study as much as you can.

Until I scored my first job, I studied every single day...even if it was for 15 minutes. I ate, slept and breathed landing my first tech job.

I'll attach emails from an amazing recruiter who promised a job I never got. LOL. It happens. Keep grinding.

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Hello Princess,

this is probably a long shot but i hope you get this. thank you for your posts, here and on twitter- that’s where I came across you And I am really happy and thank you so much for sharing Your journey. So I want to start mine same way but the ITIL links you posted are not that easy to navigate. I tried both for the training and the studying. So pls if you can help put me through, I’d be really glad. My email is I also sent you a DM a while back but no response so I’m hoping you see this.

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