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ITIL 4? Here's another reason to use PassionITGroup

I didn't plan to blog again so quickly...but anywayssss, I was talking to one of my newly transitioning IT ladies (shoutout to Kia and good luck on your ITIL journey sis) and we were trying to identify which package would be best for her to select. Of course you can purchase the exam voucher via their site at a discounted rate, $255. But they also offer an eLearning bundle for $285 which comes with 30 days of access to ITProTV, which is where they offer their training, the course syllabus, ITIL Glossary and 2 Practice Exams (with answers).

But here is the kicker!

They now offer a service called Take2. Take2 allows you to purchase a "re-sit" or second attempt at the ITIL 4 exam for only $50 additional dollars. Unlike other certifications, if you fail ITIL 4, you will be paying for the total exam price in full! This option saves you a few hundred bucks. Keeping in mind the actual exam price without using Passion IT Group or even Jason Dion is $363 on PeopleCert so I am already saving a ton of money.

To put things in perspective, $363 at PeopleCert for only the exam or $335 using Passion IT Group's package of ITIL exam, 30-day access to training/coursework, 2 practice exams and a 2nd exam attempt (if you don't do so hot the first time). I like feeling safe, this certainly takes the anxiety off.

You can head over to to find out more. Also, if you haven't read my in-depth ITIL review, here is the link.

To conclude, we love to see it!


In Tech She Trust

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