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For a Limited Time

This page has been added for the super motivated! It will feature short-term offerings available within 14 days or fewer. I will try to post as far out as possible but businesses, vendors and companies decide to "bless" their subscribers without a warning.


Think of it like a "sale" but this is a spur of the moment purchase you wont regret!

Personally, I try to sign up for these seminars even if I'm busy. I let them play lightly in the background so I can familiarize myself with technologies, jargons and acronyms and bare minimum the goal and benefit of a product or service. I may not have time to sit and take notes but if I am able to pick up on one thing its a win! If you want to switch to tech you have to get comfortable with this thought process.


Scenario : You will have colleagues on different teams of your organization that consider you to be an ally and want to vent. Suppose they're upset about an AWS cloud product. To save you from standing there looking crazy you remembered you listened to an AWS webinar that discussed the same technology they're complaining about. And because of that 5 minutes you took to listen, you are now genuinely able to empathize because you actually know what they are talking about..

Idk, my thoughts but see the short-term offering below! :-)

Amazon Web Services: DynamoDB Virtual Workshop

These workshops will cover AWS' DynamoDB service and if you have in interest in AWS, databases or both you definitely want to sign up for this course! 

Sure existing knowledge of the service is always useful. But often times vendors give you an overview of the service (in this case DynamoDB), its usefulness and utilization for effectiveness.

Also signing up for one of these workshops usually adds you to their email list for future offerings and workshops as well!

Course Description per the Vendors Email notification (In Tech She Trust has no affiliation to AWS products and services):

"Join us for this two-week series to dive deeper into DynamoDB data modeling. You will learn how to reduce design requirements to fundamental building blocks, and you will better understand the decisions and tradeoffs made when building efficient data models. You'll also learn how the new NoSQL Workbench for DynamoDB facilitates an iterative design process."

Link to register for this FREE offering:

DynamoDB Workshop

ITProTV Free Weekend Powershell May 16th-17th

Its time for another Free Weekend from ITProTV! ITProTV is Passion IT Group's online learning/course work community. Every month they feature a free weekend dedicated to learning a specific product or service (last month's offering included all AWS related training). Even if you are unable to catch the free courses offered this weekend, sign up for an account here so you receive future emails regarding trainings. You can sign up for their free tier plan which includes 65 hours of training for CompTIA IT Fundamentals+, Building a PC, PC Maintenance and more!

This time they will be offering free courses on Powershell Scripting and Powershell Basics.

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